one platform for all needs

For Instructors and Coaches:

Teach with Confidence and Clarity: Our simulator becomes your digital assistant, offering a suite of tools for in-depth instruction and real-time feedback, enhancing the teaching and learning experience.

For Therapeutic Riding Centers:

Pioneering Gentle Pathways in Therapy – Our simulator opens doors to exploratory wellness opportunities, providing serene and controlled experiences. It's designed to support therapeutic exploration, encouraging harmonious interaction that could pave the way to new discoveries in physical and emotional healing journeys. Join us in envisioning a future where every ride is a step towards well-being.The main thing: symmetrical and easy movement offers possibilities in therapeutic purposes for riders with physical limitations (e.g. cerebral palsy).
Therapeutic riding can also be used when the use of the real horse isn’t possible for some reason (allergy, fear of horses, patient’s major need for support)

For Pleasure Riders:

Realistic movement and feel of a real horse offers support for training of basic riding skills, aids and body control.
Future possibilities include developing gaming experience and add virtual reality to enrich immersive riding experience.

For Competitive Equestrians:

Refine Your Competitive Technique: With precision-crafted scenarios, our simulator provides the edge you need for dressage, show jumping, or eventing, sharpening skills that translate into victories.