Saddle Up for Unmatched Realism

Harnessing the latest in robotics, we’ve engineered a riding experience that faithfully replicates the intricate dance of horse riding. From the gentlest trot to the most spirited gallop, every nuance is captured, unlocking new opportunities for your horse riding yourney! 

Maria test user smiling during simulator testing
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FlowGait is the horse riding motion platform that provides a realistic riding experience. With FlowGait, you can improve your riding skills and technique, muscle memory can be taught via repetition in a safe environment riding simulator system provides. 

Although still in development, FlowGait is set to revolutionize the world of equestrian sports and bring a new level of immersion to horse enthusiasts everywhere. Be one of the early adopters of this revolutionary simulation technology, and experience the future of horse riding today. 

Click the video to watch our demo and see FlowGait in action.



    Tailored training scenarios in safe environment are now possible due to a new method developed to capture different kind of horse motion for different applications. The motion can be adjusted realtime based on your feedback or preferences.

  • Maximize training

    Horse simulator is tireless and requires no rest. Smart Coach system is also being developed to enable riders to get best possible data from the training setup.

  • Realistic motion

    We have been able to verify that you can experience similar motion feeling comparable to riding a horse. This has lots of opportunities for training in a realistic and efficient way.High performance platform built under industrial standards is able to mimic horse motion under different gaits and scenarios the user wants to choose. The simulator and control is intuitive to use, like using your own horse.

  • Smart code

    Our team works hard to develop interaction model which resembles specific horse motion patterns. We also have array of specially chosen sensors and wearable technology to support the realistic riding experience.From horse welfare perspective, simulator allows your horses to rest while you can continue training and we are also looking for best riding styles to train without stressing your precious horses.

Help us develop

Fill out the form and help us develop the simulator concept closer to your needs. We will only use information for product development, but you can leave also your contact details for us. 


Dressage riders, equine researchers, beginners, advanced users & physiotherapists have tested the platform and we have been collecting all the feedback for developing outstanding product. 

*Slightly modified and combined: 

Variability in strides is a good feature, it was not possible to predict next stride for canter as you cannot predict a real horse. It adds challenge to the riding. For same reason challenging gaits are good asset for experienced riders. You give a good synchrony challenge there with that. 

Feeling lift of on the simulator is impressive. 

Gait adjustment has potential for therapeutics uses. Special programs possible to tailor for different conditions. 

After adjustment of the motion data it felt like my horse

I could say from the simulator that my horse was in lazy mood at the time of motion capture. 

This data simulation could also be used to identify early medical conditions of the horse, help riders to better understand their horse with data use




Our vision is to enrich & advance the horse riding experience to an entirely new level